Most business owners know they should “get on the internet,” but most business owners never, ever figure it out. Never!

Why not?

It’s due to the struggles of wading through the alligators of daily operations. And also because simply “getting a website” usually doesn’t make you a dime.

It has to be the *right* kind of website, and there are two additional critical steps required: to engage visitors into a conversation, and to create a steady flow of visitors to that website. And the average “web designer” has no clue how this is done.

But now, the author — whose business *is* online marketing, and who has 40 years of experience running local businesses as well — lays out the secret formula developed by CopyDragon webwriters that catapults their private clients to the top of Google, and creates online automatic money-machines that earn dividends for local businesses.

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If you’ve been wanting to tap into the power you know awaits you in the cyber universe, at last, here’s the pathway laid out, clear and simple.


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