If you’re a business owner, you’re probably already aware that you should “get on the internet,” and very likely — since you’re visiting here — you are thinking about … how to do it?

You may have thought about it previously, but it can be so confusing. You’re very busy running your business, and sorting out the confusing labyrinth of information out there is as difficult as winding your way through a swamp without a compass.


The Key Facts

Here are the key facts:

  1. The average web visitor will come once, then leave, never to return again. That’s the statistic.
  2. But the average *buyer* only purchases after seven to nine contacts! So that means that the average web visitor will NEVER have seven to nine contacts … and that means that the average web visitor will NEVER buy from you!

But in this book, we’ll show you what online merchants around the world actually do … to make it work.

It’s easy, when you know how.


This Amazon Book will Answer these Questions

  • How to create a website that will automatically and unconsciously appeal to your first-time visitor, so that they stick around to read about you.
  • The SINGLE BEST method for building a website, so that you the owner can make changes easily.
  • How to create a “Conversation System” to engage that web visitor into a conversation, so you can build those precious seven to nine contacts.
  • And then, once your website is actually capable of conversation and selling … how to create traffic to your site.
  • And … lots more. You’ll easily turn confusion and mystery … into easy understanding.

To succeed, you have to have all three steps of our “Three-Step Marketing” formula. In the book and in the video series available on this website, we’ve drawn the parallel between the physical universe and the Cyber universe.

Because you already understand these steps in the physical universe. And when you see how this same marketing formula — which you’re already using — how it applies to the Cyber universe, then suddenly online marketing will make sense for you.


Buy the Book on Amazon? Get Sample Chapters Here?

If you’re serious about creating new income, and finding new customers, using the power of the Internet, then you might just want to purchase the book, right now. It’s available on Amazon, right here. It comes with a coupon code to give you immediate free access to the complete set of how-to videos on this website. These videos illustrate step-by-step and click-by-click exactly how to apply the simple “Three-Step Marketing” formula to create more income from the Internet.


Money-Back Guarantee

Like any good business manager, you naturally want to know that your investment is safe. Even when it’s a tiny investment like this fast-learning training course. As you know, Amazon is very good about refunds and user satisfaction.

And like any good vendor, we want to make sure you are COMPLETELY SATISFIED if you choose to buy the videos here without the Amazon book. That’s why we offer this simple, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee —

“You must be completely satisfied with the video training. If anything less than completely delighted, just request a refund and your purchase price will be promptly returned to you.”

There is no downside. I suggest that you simply CLICK HERE TO BUY THE VIDEOS NOW. (Or if you prefer to buy the print book or a Kindle book on Amazon and get these videos free then Click Here.)

And otherwise …

… if you’d like to download sample chapters then simply use the button below to sign up for an immediate download …

Because if you’ve been wanting to tap into the power you know awaits you in the cyber universe, at last, here’s the pathway laid out, clear and simple.


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You’ll be taken to the download page to get your sample chapters and the entertaining and helpful introductory video. (And as a bonus you’ll receive our handy ‘how-to-market-online’ email mini-course for free as well.)

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